:: Busy busy busy! ::

What a crazy week it has been! Don't worry my fellow readers, I shall post more about PiNG soon!

[ Matt ]

:: PiNG Screen Shot ::

This is in no way the final result ;)

However, I'm going to give you all a very bare bones screen shot from PiNG where I currently am at to give some better insight into what I have up my sleeve.

Stay tuned!

[ Matt ]

:: PiNG Update ::

Okay my loyal readers, all five of ya ;P

PiNG, as I said, is a game which will be on Live Arcade (hopefully) and the PC. So far, people who have seen a demo seem to really enjoy it so I'm hoping that's a good thing :P

I'm working on some art for it, and you guys who read this will get a special sneak peak.

Stay tuned!


Ssshhhh... Project Bacon is actually called PiNG.

More info soon.

[ Matt ]

:: Pac-Man Ornament ::

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, or those who just want a bit of nastalgia, Hallmark has released a Pac-Man ornament which looks just like an arcade cabinet, and even plays the main audio from the game. Ive recorded and attached it so you can hear how it sounds. You may hear some talking, as people were in the store as I recorded it. Pick one up! It's only $18.95


Sound didn't upload. I'll get to it soon ^^

:: Matt ::

:: Project Bacon Pt 2 ::

Could this be a key? b59km9x23f

Its such a gloomy day. And as I write this, I walk into a spider web. ... *runs around screaming* Anywhoo, later today or tomorrow, I'll be giving you guys more info into Project Bacon! Stay tuned...

[ Matt ]

:: Project Bacon ::

Hello all!

I've started on a new game project. From some of my previous posts, I'm sure you guys all know about my randomness, which is why I've codenamed it Project Bacon. I'll be posting various bits and pieces here, and giving more info about what it is as I go along.

For now I will say it is a game which is planned for the 360 ;)

Stay tuned!

[ Matt ]